ABOUT | Leslie Adler Fine Art 

Leslie Adler is originally from New York City. Currently she divides her time between her studio in New Jersey and Southern Vermont. She has exhibited in many states in the U.S. as well as in a gallery in Paris. 


After earning a BS degree in Advertising Design from the University of Maryland Leslie worked as an Art director and Graphic Designer.  After some time she returned to school to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Leslie's most prevalent mediums are ink, dyes, acrylic and oil combined with natural dyes, and oil paint. She also likes to create installation work as well.  Creating installation art began as a sublimation of the ideas behind some of her paintings. Leslie also creates ceramic sculptures, hand pulled prints, and drawings.

Due to Leslie's process her ideas manifest in layered work with a lot of depth.

"I like to use strong darks and lights; there is a lot of contrast in the work. Much of this work holds somewhat hidden imagery that often requires the viewer to look closely. This gives them a certain amount of intimacy. I do not like to restrict myself at all when it comes to medium. I use what ever I feel like at the moment."  


Most of the time Leslie can be found in her studio in West Orange New Jersey. Leslie is currently a member of on the board of First Street Gallery in New York City.