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My biggest inspiration is all things nature. The infinite organizing power, the beauty, interconnectivity and the freedom expressed in nature draw me in. It is the way birds fly through the sky, the way that trees support each other in the forest, and the way we, as part of the ocean of consciousness,  co-create our world.  The other concept that is attractive to me is space. I’m very comfortable with how we arrange our personal and shared space and often work with the architecture of nature mixed with human constructs. This is what we create every day. This also, like nature and biology relates to forming; “the way something is or happens”. 




Intuition is my home. I don’t want to play too hard with a concept. I need room to experiment. My recent practice of plein air landscape painting has given me more deliberateness in my process. This comes through in how I use my colors, how I think about perspective and how I organization my work.


Currently, in my paintings, I am focused on form, color and relationships.  I am continually thinking about ways to challenge myself in the way I express.  I work with several mediums, each one informing the other. I alternate between the view at hand and the view from memory. This allows me to get away from depending on line or photography. Working alternately in and out of the studio is also very helpful. I have been printmaking quite a lot. This is a very natural process for me because I have a graphic design background. Both the oils and the prints are a departure from my recent ink paintings. Working in these mediums has supported the combined practices of deliberateness and intuition that works very well for me.

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